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The Happy Place was established in May, 2010. It was inspired by some of the children in Mount Horeb's Intermediate Center who have lost a loved one or faced a difficult situation of their own. They felt that perhaps by creating a special place where they could just sit and enjoy, some of the bad things might not seem so bad for a little while. The goal of the Happy Place is to create a place where people can go to find peace and maybe a smile, as they remember the happy moments of their lives.

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happy place
This is the Happy Place just after the construction of Phase I was completed.


Phase 2 has been completed. The Happy Place is now proudly handicapped accessible. 

This year, Craig and Mick worked with students and community members to complete phase two of the Happy Place. A handicap accessible pathway was added by Dan Norris, Derek Dahlk, & Denny Darrow and it contains the handprints of Happy Place steering committee members: Tyler Kittleson, Kyle Head, Eric Albrecht, Grace Hanson, and Ellie Hadac (Cari Hadac served as one of the original steering committee members and will forever be a part of the Happy Place). An interactive play area was added near the arbor with play equipment donated by Bob and Ann Szalkowski. Nearly 50 community members ordered pavers which were engraved with unique messages and placed throughout a brick walkway leading to the arbor. Gary Wilkinson, the school district's maintenance director, Jack & Mary Malsna, Joanne Haglund's family and members of the Black Hawk Church assisted with the preparation work for these projects.




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